This training will introduce you to a revolutionary way to make directory sites.    As any directory site owner will tell you – in SEO its a major asset to own your niche’s preferred directory.    I go into the details of how to create export files for your directory and import the content into a directory structure including mapping, searching, filtering, etc.

As mentioned – this has been a personal conquest for many years & this process solves it… FAST !  I had repeatedly bought horrible directory plugins and tools – none of which worked properly, had any of the features I was looking for, and wasn’t fast nor scaleable.

After completing this course (and purchasing your plugins) – you’ll be able to purchase your plugins & make directory sites quickly & easily.


1. Introduction to Directory Sites

2. Exporting and Importing Data

3. Directory Views

4. Customizing Look

5. Google Maps

6. Adding Homepage Screenshots

7. Seo & Moneymaking

8. Pricing & Licensing

9. Real Time Build Of A Directory Site


The directory sites you will learn to build with this course require plugins (discussed in the course) costing $200-400/YR (depending on options purchased & number of sites) a full video is dedicated to the plugin pricing/options

I have secured a deal for my customers to get a discount – and NO affiliate commission.

All support is provided by the plugin creator (a top notch wordpress plugin provider).